Saturday, 18 January 2014

Tell me I'm not too old!

Ok people, here are the facts : I am 36 years old (whisper it), I am a mother of two, I want and love to look and feel glamorous, but I need to be comfortable and be able to run and jump and lug around children and bags of grocery shopping. I LIVE in my skinny jeans. I hate looking like 'a mum' - I hardly ever wear ballet flats because I think they prettify and take the fashion edge out of any outfit I wear. I do not and never will own a pair of pull-on stretch knee high boots. So here is the question (and I've been wrestling with it for SO long I fear I may have already missed the boat) - "The wedge high top - am I in or out?".

I think I'm in. I mean, just look at this outfit :

Great, right.
Elevates the humble Breton and skinny look to something much more put together. I love it. Looks so comfortable and adds 3 inches to your legs. Win-win.

It's the gorgeous range of Ash wedge sneakers I'm interested in - either the Bea in tan as above, or prune below:

or their multicoloured Cool hightops: 

So, let's assume I go for it. I hesitate to use a terrible phrase often bandied about by my grandmother, sisters, but am I going to feel like 'mutton dressed as lamb?' I'm not too old, am I? Tell me I'm not too old!

I have not yet once knowingly stopped myself from making a fashion choice based on age-appropriateness, but at what point do I start? Should I ever start? I loved seeing those wonderful 80-something women on the Channel 4 documentary 'Fabulous Fashionistas' - they could not care less what anyone thought of their choices. They wore clothes they loved, chose beautiful things that made them feel happy and they looked incredible - joyfully, blissfully, beautifully themselves. 

I think I've answered my own question. I love these ugly-beautiful shoes whether that high fashion ship has sailed or not, whether I am 10 years too old or not. And when I am running in a rush to pick up my children from school on time, when I've spent all day on my feet and they're not hurting AT ALL, when I am able to kick a football, climb a tree and swing my babies up in the air while all the time being 3 inches taller, I'm pretty sure I won't care what anyone else thinks either. I'll be too busy being joyfully, blissfully, beautifully me. 

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