Monday, 20 January 2014

Like Mother, Like Daughter

So much of my life as a mother involves a great deal of work in trying to getting my children to do what I want/ need them to do. They are both fiercely independent and self-assured and have their own opinions on everything. This, of course extends to what they want to wear. Particularly my little girl who would happily wear a ballgown to go rock-climbing! 

My daughter was invited to a 6th birthday party yesterday. At 10.30 am. On a Sunday. Yes, I know.
It was a pizza-making party at Pizza Express. And so negotiations began on choosing an appropriate outfit. Forget the UN - this is modern diplomacy at its most sophisticated! Now, a 5 year old girl hears 'party' and thinks "pretty dress and sequins". I hear 'pizza-making" and think "overalls". After a fair amount of wardrobe-wrangling we in the end settled on this look - safe and washable above the waist, a party going on below it. Completely batty, rather reminiscent of Cyndi Lauper circa 1984 and I may be biased, but I think she is totally rocking it. If I was 5, I'd want to wear a tutu all the time, too!

T-shirt - Next
Tutu Skirt - next
Shirt - H&M
Silver stud high tops - M&S

In other fashion news: NEW JEANS ALERT!!! These MIH Ellsworth skinnies were an incredible bargain in the ASOS sale - £34 down from £160 . I love them - a little bit bonkers, but I LOVE them. Like mother like daughter, I suppose.

Sweater - Mango
Boots - Ash Jalouse
Jeans MIH Ellsworth in Wild Red from Asos
Horseshoe bracelet - Laura Gravestock

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