Tuesday, 14 January 2014

January Blues

So. It's January. It's bloody cold! (1 degree centigrade here this morning - brrrrr!) The kids are back at school, hubby is back at work and life gets back to normal. I suddenly have more time on my hands for navel-gazing. Or rather, more specifically, fine line and eyebag gazing! I think it must be all the central heating and the excesses of Christmas (and blimey was I excessive at Christmas!) but I'm 36 and I think it's happening. I'm starting to look my age - help!

I know everyone else is probably already two weeks into a dry January and on a superfood health kick but the way I look at it is this: January is officially THE most miserable month of the year. So why would I deprive myself of the things that make the Christmas-comedown just about bearable? So no detox for me yet. That's going to start in February (Gwyneth Paltrow's Winter Detox on her Goop website if you're interested http://www.goop.com/journal/make/264/winter-detox-mag). So what can I do about it in January?

Well step one is that classic advice that everyone gives you - more water. I have been consciously drinking at least 1.5 litres of water a day. While it's too early to say if it is helping the dehydration lines around my eyes, I can definitely see an improvement in my combination skin. It seems so much clearer, pores shrunk, much less oily than usual.

Step two was to purchase the GORGEOUSLY packaged YSL Forever Youth Liberator Eye Cream. Look how pretty:

It's not cheap at £43, but is so luxurious. It has the most beautiful cream-gel texture which is absorbed really quickly and leaves the skin feeling nourished but with no greasiness. I've been using it for a week and whilst my lines have yet to be affected the area does look plumped and so already more youthful. I shall report back at the bottom of the pot!

Step three is a new nightcream. One with Hyaluronic Acid (which deeply hydrates and plumps the skin) and retinol, which works on pigmentation. I'm torn between the budget friendly Eucerin Hyaluron Filler Night (a steal at £26 from Boots) and the rather more high-end and luxurious and exciting-sounding Rodial Dragon's Blood Night Cream (a rather more eye-watering £58). They have similar ingredients, but I think the Eucerin cream has a richer texture which might actually be just the ticket in this cold weather. I think I might have just saved myself 30 quid! Thanks!

Step four is to keep getting to the gym at least three times a week. And maybe substituting the odd frown-line inducing Body Attack class for a little zen yoga.

Step four is to get more sleep and go to bed earlier. But we've just started Season 3 of Breaking Bad - so that's unlikely to happen for a while!

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