Thursday, 23 January 2014

Burgundy Beauties

I have been trying to post at least every other day but no post yesterday I'm afraid as in the absence of a proper detox it seems my body decided to detox all by itself in the form of a 48 hour stomach bug. Yuk! So I spent most of yesterday wallowing on the sofa, feeling really rather sorry for myself until at 2pm the doorbell rang and the postman delivered these little beauties:

                                           Boots - Ash Bea in Prune
                                           Jeans - 7 For All Mankind The Skinny

They're here!!! And I love them.
They are ridiculously comfortable and I love them. Did I mention that I love them? I also love this scarf which is by BeckSondergaard from Atterley Road who make the most beautiful scarves - huge and silky-soft in wonderful prints. (I also love my husband for buying me said scarf for Christmas!)

Hairdressers today (I do some work sometimes, I promise!) and they have a beautician there who will do your nails in that dead time while your hair colour is developing. This is pretty much the only time I ever have a manicure as who has a spare hour to spend having your nails painted and then another hour to spare while you wait for them to dry? And for any men who might be reading - yes, that really is how long it takes. Unless you do what I did today and have an OPI Gel Manicure.

It is brilliant! It only takes 20 minutes for base coat, two coats of lacquer, and a topcoat to be painted and totally dry. I mean, it is COMPLETELY dry - you can put your hands in your pockets, take your coat on and off, PAY THE BEAUTICIAN(!) without smudging them. And they can last up to 2 weeks. Seriously, why would anybody pay for a normal manicure again when you can have a gel manicure? It's ingenious. And so shiny!

The colour is OPI Gel in Vampsterdam - a really good, true black-red. Love it. Apologies for my Winter-ravaged hands - had to resist all temptation to Instagram this one! Also just noticed how matchy-matchy this post is looking - burgundy left, right and centre. Now where did I put that hand cream?

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