Monday, 9 June 2014

Sunshine and Showers - Loving the Leopard

Well, what a difference a day makes! Yesterday the sun was shining and so I was out in the garden all day - weeding, planting, picnicing and playing with the children. Our garden is a small urban garden, but it is such an oasis of calm and remarkable quiet in the midst of the city. We were feeling some serious garden love yesterday.

Wellies and a pretty frock - the perfect gardening oufit from Little Miss Wren!

A sea of happy herbs in one of our raised beds. Currently my favourite part of the garden. Abundant with scent and the promise of delicious meals.

Sadly, these are on their way out (assisted by some evil insect munching - see those nibbles on the petals? Grrrr) but how beautiful are these saucer-sized blooms on our clematis? Just joyous!

The Little Wren's have discovered the Loom Band craze! Actually, it's really fun to do together and keeps them quiet for ages!

Glorious sea pinks - happy flowers!

And yet, here we are today in the midst of thunder and lashing rain. Vile weather. It's June people! So depressing. With this ridiculous weather seeming to be the norm, I have had to buy a new coat (or two). I have never, never purchased a coat post-April before and it took a lot of rain falling on (and potentially ruining) my favourite Gestuz purple leather jacket before I finally succumbed because in my head I should be wearing shorts and sundresses from May onwards. Yes, I know we live in England but that's not the point. I have a Summer wardrobe and it will get a proper wearing, even if that means I get a proper soaking! I had no raincoat. No coat that could withstand even a shower, let alone the drenchings we've been having lately and so I ordered a selection from ASOS before finally settling on this bargainous one by Brave Soul.

Brave Soul Leopard Print Mac with Showerproof Coating - £30 (was £70) ASOS

I never thought I could feel this way about an anorak, but I do love this jacket. It is so cute on, the neon trims give it a real lift, the length is perfect to sling on over my sports kit doing the school run on the way to the gym and I AM DRY! Bonus. So that sorted out the rain issue, but it's also been bleeding freezing some days. Not cold enough to wear my winter Zara fur hooded duffle coat (do I need to say this again? - IT'S JUNE PEOPLE!!), but too cold for just a short jacket or blazer. So I am now the proud owner of a Summer Coat I bet you didn't know that was even a thing, did you? Neither did I, but just look at the beauty of it.

Maison Scotch Leopard Summer Coat - ASOS - £175; (I got mine from discounted to £118, but they're a bit low on sizes) Atterley Road also stock it at £170

I know, I know, double leopard. But can you blame me for searching out a little glamour in all this gloom? When the weather dries up I'll post some ootd shots of me styling this up. I want to wear it all the time -I have been slightly disappointed on the few sunny days we've had that it's been too warm to wear it! This coat is incredible - it makes every outfit look like, well, an outfit rather than just a collection of clothes. I feel so put together and chic and, dare I say it, yes glamorous wearing it. What can I say? I am loving the leopard. Bet Lynch, eat your heart out!

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