Monday, 2 June 2014

Lucky Me! - Rodial Instaglam Skin Tint

Well, I went a little bit giddy when the postman arrived on Saturday because he delivered this. I was lucky enough to win a Twitter blogger giveaway competition to win one of Rodial's new instaglam skin tint. That's exciting enough in itself. But when the package arrived, inside was a hand-written note from the brand's founder, Mrs Rodial herself, Maria Hatzistefanis. There were a few extra goodies inside too. I may have let out an excited squeal or two.

I have sung the praises of their bbvenom skin tint on the blog before (in one of my first posts - here). The instaglam is their new formula, replacing the old bbvenom with SPF increased to 30 compared to the old 15 and some updated ingredients. The old bb cream has been by far the best I've tried (and I've tried lots). The photo above of a very sad looking nearly-empty tube is testament to how much I use this cream. If I hadn't won the comp I would have been looking to repurchase any day now. And they sent my right shade - Capri 01. So I am very excited to try the new and hopefully improved formula. A review will follow, I have no doubt.

I mentioned that there were a couple of other goodies included and they were from Rodial's sister brand NIP+FAB

The products are their No Needle Fix Serum and Viper Venom Eye Fix. Both make fine line and wrinkle busting promises so are perfect for me to use on my mid-30s skin. The range is very affordable and readily available (Boots stock the brand) and I will be very interested to see how they hold up against my usual more budget-breaking anti-ageing products. If a serum that costs under £20 can perform as well as its upward of £50 cousins then I will be over the moon. I shall try them out and tightly cross my fingers.

I have never won a giveaway in my entire life even though I am forever entering the things. I mean, I love Grazia for it's fashion and beauty and gossip, but if I'm really honest what finally convinced me to subscribe to the magazine was the thought of never missing one of their amazing weekly handbag competitions. I entered every week for a year of my subscription and nothing! Not a sausage. No, I am not one of life's lucky ones so Mrs Rodial and team - thank you. You made an old girl very happy. And now I've told you lot all about it I can finally open the boxes and get stuck in. Ooh, I do love a new beauty product....

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