Friday, 23 May 2014

Pure and Simple - Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Cleanser Review

Well, this post is quite exciting for me as it is the first time I have been sent a product for review. So I am looking at this as my first legitimate blogger review! Hooray! Of course, as I haven't purchased the product myself this leads us into new territory and so, from now on if I am reviewing a PR provided sample I will mark the item with an asterisk (*). But, rest assured I will be as honest as ever. I will not blog about a product that I don't think would be of interest to you (or me, for that matter) and all opinions will be my own (good or bad) and not that of the marketing department. There - that's that little bit of housekeeping done!

So, I was asked to review Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Cleanser* by the lovely people at Escentual. Eucerin is a German dermatological skincare brand that I had been aware of because of their brilliant Hyaluron-filler anti ageing range which is a great, easily available mid-priced anti-wrinkle range that is well worth a look - I digress. The DermoPURIFYER range is aimed at oily and blemish prone skin so is a great product for me to try at the moment (my spot issues have been well-documented already on this blog!). Eucerin claim it eliminates excess sebum (oil), dirt and make-up whilst also being anti-bacterial and non-comodegenic (it won't clog pores). Sounds just the ticket!

With the brand coming from a dermatological, not a cosmetic background the products are no-frills - simply packaged, fragrance free with the emphasis being on ingredients and results not on a pampering experience. In a cleanser, that is exactly what I want. While I like my skincreams to be feel luxurious, cocooning me in velvety softness and glorious fragrances I expect my cleansers to do just that - CLEAN. I don't want it to smell of roses, I want it to smell pure and simple and clean. The DermoPURIFYER has no overwhelming smell or colour and has a thinnish gel consistency. I have to say, that I was concerned by the words 'work into a lather' on the packaging as I have rather fallen out with foaming cleansers recently (too drying). But this one is soap free and emulsifies into a gentle lather, not a sea of bubbles. *Scientific babble alert* - the surfactant (the chemical that turns the water into foam) used here is an Amphoteric tenside which is a particularly mild one. So I have not found it to be drying on the skin.

I have been applying it to a dry face (even though it says to apply to damp skin on the bottle - sorry Eucerin) then massaging with wet hands as I do with all my cleansers as I find they emulsify the oil better that way. I have been using it as a freshener first thing in the morning and in the shower post-Gym. My skin really does feel super-clean, but not tight and dry and my pores are pretty clear at the moment too. I have not been using it as part of my nighttime double cleanse as I am rather fond of my current cleansing balm, followed by cream cleanser routine. The Eucerin cleanser is a litle too refreshing for me to use at night as I like my products to lull me into bed, but that is just personal preference.

It is definitely a cleanser I am going to keep in my gym bag as it is perfect for ridding you of that post-workout sweaty greasebag feeling! And I have slotted it into my repertoire of cleansers that I keep on rotation as it is a lovely wake-up wash and really does give your skin a deep-cleansed feeling - ideal for those grubby days! If you are dry-skinned it is not for you, but then it doesn't claim to be. If you are oily and spot prone it is a great one to try. It retails at £9 and is available from chemists nationwide or at 25% off this weekend (23rd to 26th May) from Escentual with the code ESCENTUAL25. That's 25% off sitewide, by the way ( I feel a beauty spree coming on!) The Wren recommends!

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