Wednesday, 21 May 2014

All Over the Overalls - The Wren Shops Dungarees

Ok. Now just wait. I know what you're thinking? Dungarees? I can see the images running through your minds - Huckleberry Finn, Charlene from Neighbours, Super Mario. But wait. If you haven't seen the legions of super-cool bods who have brought the denim dungaree back, then you are missing out. Dungarees are a major Spring-Summer look and I have become slightly obsessed with finding the perfect pair.

I say the 'perfect pair', but what I mean, obviously is the 'perfect not insanely expensive pair'. Because, let me tell you, if money was no object I would have already chalked up two perfect pairs - Frame Denim's Le Garcon, and MIH's Bib & Brace. Because they are stupendously gorgeous.

Left - MIH The Bib & Brace Denim Dungarees - £225;
Right - Frame Denim Le Garcon Denim Overalls - £340

They are gorgeously cut, in beautiful denim washes, but come on. These are overalls we are talking about here and I'm looking for something a little cheaper. Under 50 quid ideally. I have already ordered and tried H&M's version, which were just cut too low and loose at the hips (I am not going for the TLC look here!). I am about to collect a delivery of a pair from Next, although I fear they may be a little too dark in the flesh. And so my search continues.

These are what I want - not too dark, but not too light. Not too slim, but not too loose. I plan to wear them with heels. I love the way they look with a crisp shirt underneath. I love them with a blazer or jacket slung over the top and they still look incredible with a breton or well cut tee underneath. My perfect pair has to do all of these things.

I started with the budget low (those H&M ones are £29.99) and I will work my way up in price until I find a great pair. If these £35 Next ones are a winner then high five, aces, the search is over. Like I said, I suspect they may be a little too dark so I have two more on my incremental hit list. A pair from Mango for £59.99, and some gorgeous classic overalls from & Other Stories (£79).

Left - Mango Dark Denim Dungarees - £59.99;
Right - & Other Stories Denim Overalls - £79

I will not rest, people, until my search is over. I must have them. Like I said, I am all over the overall.

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