Monday, 21 April 2014

Sugar rush - It's time to lock up the chocolate.

This Easter holiday we have all fallen head first off the healthy eating wagon. In holiday mode, James and I have been opening or finishing a bottle of wine most every night. We have indulged in white floured crumpets and croissants for breakfasts. The children's regular cries of "can I have a snack?" have been greeted with a carefree "Help yourself!". Chocolate. So much chocolate. And we've barely scratched the surface of the Easter egg stash. 

"It was like having a box of chocolates shut in the bedroom drawer. Until the box was empty it occupied the mind too much."     Graham Greene, The Heart of the Matter

I am
very much the kind of woman who cannot walk past a kitchen cupboard knowing that there is an open bar of chocolate inside. I must break off a piece at every opportunity until it is all gone. If it is there it must be eaten. And quickly, so that I can get back to having an increasingly elusive 'good day'. All this deliciousness has made me happy, so happy. But now I am beginning to feel sluggish. It's time for a change people. Back to a life of less dairy and red meat, avoiding all processed food as much  as possible. I'm back on the eat pure wagon. Sugar be gone!

So on my shopping list this week is:

Maple syrup
Porridge oats
Nuts and seeds
Dried Fruit
Almond butter
Gluten free and spelt flours     
Almond milk
Brown rice and rice noodles
Sweet white miso paste
Fresh fruit and vegetables
Wholewheat and rye breads

Tomorrow the children start back at school so after one last day of communal gorging I will pack away their remaining horde of Easter Eggs until next weekend when they can share some as a treat. But from now on, from Monday to Friday we are going to avoid sugary treats altogether. Expect some healthy recipes over the next few weeks. And maybe a few sugar-deprived tantrums....

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