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I am a wife, mother of two little beauties, and blogger. This blog began in January 2014 as a creative outlet for my housewifely idea-addled brain! I was inspired to begin writing again by the loss of my Mum who I miss dearly and who has been the single greatest influence in my life. She was the original Wren of this blog's title - a true nestmaker and her recipes in particular often appear here. I love to write mainly about my three passions - fashion, beauty and food. I blog about our happy family times and discuss wider issues related to family life. I also love to travel and am an avid reader and music lover, so these often sneak their way onto the blog too!

Occasionally I will be sent products to test and review by PRs. If this is the case they will be marked on the blog with an *. I will only accept for review products that I would use in 'real life' and that I consider relevant and interesting to my readers and any that make it onto the blog will receive honest treatment. That is to say that whether my opinions are positive or negative they will be published. Those opinions will, of course, be mine and mine alone.

If you would like to submit a product to me for review, discuss sponsored or featured posts or if you are interested in working with me in any capacity please email me at


I hope you enjoy the blog!

Amy xx


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